Speaker’s Challenges

Pablos Holman

Failure is Your New Superpower
Do one embarrassing thing every day.  This can be dancing at the bus stop, wearing the wrong clothes, speaking with a fake accent, breaking a rule, faking a seizure, singing in a restaurant.

Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver

What’s your Story? Deepening Your Heroic Journey
Create a visual mandala story journal.

Clark Danger

3 Questions to Change Your Life
Spend 10 minutes a day for one week answering 1 of the 3 questions.

Nir Ayal

Matching Behavior Change with the Right Tools
Pick one behavior you’d like to change and decide where it falls in the Behavior Change Matrix. Then, identify at least one appropriate change method for that behavior. Write down the behavior you want to change, what behavior type it is, and then evaluate your results using that one change method at the end of the month.

Steph Sharma

Your Well-being Realized
Select one Well-being element in the least realized, most important quadrant and set a goal with tangible actions and track progress to realize improvement in this area. 

Justice Calo Reign

Daily Intentions
Test out the A-Z daily intentions method for 26 days.

Kate Stull

Get More Done: The Art Of The Monday Ninja Planning Session
Do a ninja planning session every Monday for a month, tracking your goals, progress, and productivity. Write down a weekly goal, necessary to-do’s, and assess any leftover work from last week to make sure it all gets done. Repeat every Monday and feel oh-so productive! 

H. Paul Hammann

Crazy Supplements
Get your blood tested (Vitamin D, Complete Blood Count, lipid profile). Measure test, change measure.

Colin Christianson

The Purposeful Epiphany
Plan out at least 2 experiences that will evoke realizations in yourself. 

John de Graaf

Measuring Happiness
Take the Happiness survey.  Look for the “domain” where their score is lowest (e.g. for most, it is TIME BALANCE, but there are 10 categories or domains).  Set one goal (I will give examples) to improve their score in that domain.  Take survey again after 30 days and assess change in domain score and other scores.  Improvement here doesn’t always happen in 30 days but can be tracked over time.

Alex Day

Sensing Yourself • Understanding Wearable Tech and Digital Health for Self Improvement
Download an Activity Tracking (Ex. MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper), Lifelogging (Saga by A.R.O), or Sleep Tracking (SleepBot) app. Use it for a month and identify what features are missing from the apps.

Fisher Qua

A Hobbesian Paradox
Using the Liberating Structure presented, stop one behavior that is resulting in a less-than-ideal life.

James Norris

Lifehacking 101
Floss daily for 30 days. 

Dr. Kellee M. Franklin

Design Your Extraordinary Life: How Intention Drives Behavior Change
Design at least three simple yet mindful practices that you can make a commitment to integrate into your daily living that reflect your core belief. Take time to examine your progress at the end of each day and ask: Was I better today than yesterday? 

Jen Waak

Sleep Your Way to Success (no, not like THAT)
Implement the discussed sleep hack and try it for 10 consecutive days.

Lisa Capa

Cultivating Your Attention
Do the grounding exercise for one month. Measure: “I feel calmer than I did before I did the exercise.” Likert scale: 1-5, 1: strongly disagree, 2: disagree, 3: neutral, 4: agree, 5: strongly agree. 

Dr. David Cooper

Quantified Self: Turning Lifehacks into Life Lessons
Think of one behavior you want to change. Write down why you think you do that behavior. 

Jim Benson

Personal Kanban
Try using the Personal Kanban method for one month.

Gina Phillips

A Toolbox for Self-Talk
Write a thank you note to someone each day and deliver it (Facebook posts count!). This is a double whammy for practicing gratitude and connecting through sharing. 

Larry Swanson

How (and Why) to Change Your Sitting Habit
Stand up an average of three times per hour during their work day over the next month. 

Kyle Kesterson

Maximizing Momentum for your Life and Business
Map out your simple blueprint to Momentum in order to reshape the way the way you see and interact with the world.

Jeremy Lightsmith

Hacking Meetings + Feedback
Choose a technique: Decider or Feedback. Once each week for the next four use it in a meeting when you have a proposal. You’ll have to show everyone how to use it…should be easy!